Converting fractions into a percentage

Percentages sometimes have the effect of sending a shiver down the spine of even the most confident mathematicians. However, just think of a percentage as being a fraction with a denominator of 100 and they become less scary!


Finding percentages of an amount

This video demonstrates how to find a (relatively simple) percentage of an amount.


Remember you are often asked to add or subtract a percentage to an amount - after calculating the percentage, remember to add it or subtract it from the original amount.

Also remember that if you need to calculate 90% you could calculate 10% and subtract it from the whole amount (100%).

Sometimes the percentages are a little more tricky to work out (usually when they are not a multiple of 10). This method should help you with these questions.


Remember to look for the simple percentages. For example, 51% of an amount can be worked out by finding half (50%) and then adding 1%.